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Wine Cellar Cooling

Wine storage began in the underground caves of Europe. These caves provided the perfect balance of temperature and humidity that allowed wine to age at an elegant pace. These conditions have become the standard for modern wine cellars. Our local Arizona conditions are far from perfect for storing, aging and collecting wine.

Protect your investment by providing the ideal wine cellar environment with a wine cellar refrigeration system. A cooling system is the heart of your wine cellar. Wine cellar coolers ensure that your wine is properly cooled to a perfect 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity, letting it mature gracefully, increasing in quality and value.

Nash and Son offers affordable, long lasting, custom cooling solutions for custom wine cellars that will last as long as your wines.

For more information on the installation of ducted units, through-the-wall units, or custom designs, contact us and let us create a solution that fits your needs.